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I'm sorry i've come to the realization that I'm currently a zelo-stan ;-; also credit for the icon goes to keiifuu

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ARTIST: Angus & Julia Stone
TRACK: I’m Not Yours


Light me up a cigarette and put it in my mouth.
You’re the only one that wants me around.
And I can think of a thousand reasons why I don’t believe in you.
I don’t believe in you and I.

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can straight girls please stop shitting their pants over being mistaken for lesbians or being called lesbians as an insult?

when someone tries to insult you by calling you a lesbian, they’re a homophobe. if you actually find it insulting to be called a lesbian, you’re a homophobe too. this is not a difficult concept to grasp.

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constantly thinking “wow, i’ve really internalized some toxic shit”

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Gentle reminder that Ouran has a pretty much canon nonbinary protagonist.

Gentle reminder that said protaganist’s single parent is a canon bisexual drag queen dadmom

Gentle reminder that there is an entire trop of singing lesbians in Ouran

Gentle reminder that Ouran is actually the shit

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